Hire or buy? Which is the greener option?


Organising an event? Not too big?  So, do you go and buy plastic glasses & paper plates or do you hire from a reputable Hire Company like Adams Catering Hire?

At Adams Catering Hire we use modern efficient glass and dishwashing machines which also use recycled water where possible to reduce our impact on the environment and also ensure economy, performance & energy conservation.  All chemicals used in this process are environmentally friendly and biodegradeable.

All our equipment is sent out to you using reuseable containers which help minimise packaging and waste. 

So, when you decide on the hire option there is less waste as everything is re-used.

Yet, if you buy plastic or paper and throw them away it is not the greenest option.


Make a Statement with the Crystal Ice Chair

What a fantastic looking chair. Guaranteed to provoke comments like ‘WoW‘ at your next event.

This chair came onto the event scene about a year ago and has proved to be an outstanding winner in every catagory. From a smart summer wedding to a nightclub, the crystal ice chair can provide the look thats needed to look fresh and awe inspiring. As with many chairs the seat pads are inter changeable from ivory faux leather, to a large choice of plain colours to match your theming.

The chairs are injection moulded from a polycarbonate resin which is incredibly strong, yet it allows a certain amount of flex to give added comfort compared to wooden and metal alternatives. They are also
completely translucent which means their appearance can be transformed when subjected to different lighting effects
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials so they’re greener than green
  • Immensely strong and durable (practically bulletproof)
  • UV resistant which means they don’t discolour in sunlight
  • Seat Pads are interchangeable
  • Appearance changes under coloured light
  • 100% waterproof so they can be used outdoors (not the seat pads though)


Dress them up with a few simple flowers to look fresh and clean or put a spotlight on  to jazz it up and make it shine. Its your choice, but whatever you do its sure to outshine its nearest neighbour the gilt banqueting chair. So if you need chair hire and you want something to talk about, call Adams Catering Hire, and get the chair that dreams are made of.