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BBQ food

English weather must be the most talked about subject.  Will it be hot, will it rain, can we expect snow this winter.  And the weather forecasts are not forecasts but guesswork sometimes.  I can hear it in my head,  ‘and the weather for tomorrow is – sunny, with perhaps showers from the east. Maybe a slight westerly breeze which may cause it to cloud over later’.  Does that sound familiar?

Anyway, summer’s coming and it is BBQ time whatever the weather and what better way than to use a professional gas BBQ. Cinders are possibly the leading UK manufacturers of barbecues and at Adams Catering Hire, they are the only ones we supply.  Renowned for their reliability and ease of use, they are sturdy and give the right impression and do the job exceptionally well. Powered by propane gas they can be sited anywhere in the garden, gas can be supplied when you hire from Adams. Gas barbecues win every time for their ability to control the flames and temperature of the heat.

All food is great for barbecue food, but you do have to make sure that the food is cooked through thoroughly. My favourite is fish and it is so easy, just wrap in foil, add some lime juice and a few herbs, oh its so good.  But, my children love all the burgers and sausages that I can cook. To give food flavour, I always marinade mine the night before and you can use so many different herbs, spices, yoghurts and even supermarket mixes these days to add a smokey flavour.  Lots of healthy salads and what a great day can be had by all. Chuck in some wine and a few garden games and it’s a fabulous way of getting the whole family together for fresh air and exercise.

You can use Adams for all of your event hire in London and surrounding areas, just view our web site for more information.


Canapes, bowl food & shots

Canapes, bowl food & shots are the latest way to feed your guests easily.

There are several major benefits for the Client for this sort of event not least being the choice that can be given but also a smaller venue is need as standing guests take less space than seated.  There is also the factor of furniture that does not need to be brought in.

The delights of these smaller portions are perfect, you can experiment with food and colours that perhaps you wouldn’t with a large plated meal. Guests have a chance to sample exotica that they may not have experienced before and it gives them all a showcase of the Caterers talents.

Next on the list is dishes and glassware to serve the delicious morsels in, Adams Catering Hire hold a wide selection of miniture dishes and bowls in many colours to compliment the food to be served.  Two of the most popular being the traditional white tasting bowl with small fork for a larger serving or the small teardrop canape spoon in black or white for a bite sized portion.

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